Please get in touch if you have any relevant information or artefacts related to Matrix that you are happy to share. We are also interested in recommended texts and additional posts. Please also tell us about any connected collaborations, or if you like to be part of our network.


Matrix People

If you were part of Matrix, or a participant in one of their building designs or other activities, then we would love to hear about your experiences. Please get in touch via this page. We would also like to thank the many ex-Matrix members who have helped develop this website. These have included……

The Team

This online archive has been funded by a UCL Innovation and Enterprise award. It has been led by Jos Boys, together with Anne Thorne and Fran Bradshaw.

Project assistance and interviews by Maria Venegas Rabas, with additional help from Katerina Black, Angharard Davies and Rhianon Morgan-Hatch. Database and website design by Chris Panton.

In addition we would very much like to thank our expert panel, who gave vital feedback and support throughout development. With much appreciation to Harriet Harriss, Lori Brown, Katie Lloyd Thomas Chris Wall Samir Pandya Barbara Penner Justine Clark Karen Burns Tania Sengupta and Suzanne Ewing