Matrix: a Radical Approach to Architecture

Janie Grote (1992) Planning Research Vol. 9, No. 2, Special Issue: Women’s Voices in Architecture and Planning. 158 – 168.

Explores how Matrix worked cooperatively in the 1990s, through the projects for Jagonari and Harlow Women’s Aid Centre.

Only available through Universities’ JSTOR system.

Making Room: Women and Architecture

Heresies 11 (1981) Vol 3, No 3.

A special edition covering projects from the 1970s, particularly in the USA. Includes a short piece by Susan Francis about Matrix.

Available for free download from the Heresies online archive.

Evaluating Matrix: notes from inside the collective

Julia Dwyer (2007) in Doina Petrescu (Ed.) Altering Practices: Feminist Politics and Poetics of Space,  Routledge

An overview of the practice by a key member of the collective.

Only available through libraries and by purchase.

The Other Side of Waiting

Katie Lloyd Thomas and taking place (2009) Feminist Review 93(1), 122-127.

Reviews work by a feminist art and architecture collective which includes previous members of Matrix.

Only available through university libraries.

Sharon Egretta Sutton – in conversation

Sarah Akigbogun (2019) talks with Sharon Egretta Sutton – the first African American woman to be promoted to full professor of architecture; and a central figure in civil rights campaigns in the US.

Available from Parlour website here.

Welcoming Unruly Bodies: re-thinking social, spatial and material practices.

Talk by Jos Boys (2019) at the Transformations: Actions on Equality conference, University of Melbourne.

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